Ventilators: Construction and Functionality

Basically, we distinguish between three types of fans: Axial fans, diagonal fans and radial fans. Depending on the application, a corresponding fan type is used. The decision as to which type can be used depends on the required air flow rate and the pressure that the fan must generate. Only with perfect matching can the required air volume be provided efficiently. If, for example, an activated carbon filter is connected to a fan, the fan must provide a corresponding suction power.

Activated Carbon Filter: Production and Function

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Activated carbon can be obtained from various materials such as black coal (anthracite), coconut shells, brown coal, and wood. For financial reasons, activated carbon is usually manufactured using the steam activation process. During this process, the raw material is activated by hot steam under vacuum in a furnace at a temperature of approximately 900 to 1100 °C. The absence of oxygen prevents the material from burning. Instead, the heat causes the internal surface of the material to increase significantly. Activated carbon produced in this way can then be further processed for various purposes.